Premier Masonry and Property Services in Standish and Portland, ME

A Company Like No Other

The owner of our company is a fourth generation mason contractor and is currently undergoing the process of becoming the first certified masonry contractor in the state, even though this is not required to perform masonry services. This allows him to stay on top of the latest innovations in masonry for the convenience and cost savings of his customers.

Not only is AAA Masonry and Property Services committed to innovation and advancement in the industry, we are focused on giving our Standish and Portland, ME customers the exact services they need. We know that no two properties are exactly the same and thus don't need all of the same services. That is why we offer customized packages to our clients. You know the services you need, so we let you tell us and we create fair quotes based on what we'll be providing. Don't know what services you need? Call for a free consultation today and our educated employees will help create the best plan for YOU!

Our Mission Statement

It's our mission to provide the highest quality workmanship in as safe a manner as possible. We succeed at this because of the integrity and experience of our staff; our commitment to a solid work ethic and safety; and our passion for staying current with the newest innovations of our industry with consideration for safety and the environment.